Why Choose Hughes for Safety Showers and Eye Wash Equipment?

When choosing safety equipment for your workplace, whether you’re operating from a single manufacturing / processing facility or are a globally active Engineering Primary Contractor in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical sector, your top priority is ensuring that the emergency safety equipment used in hazardous environments is of high and proven quality and within budget for your development. Hughes has always focused on putting the safety of your workplace first, because we know that you do too.

Emergency Equipment Invention & Innovation for Over 45 Years

Your employees are in good hands with Hughes, benefiting from the results of more than 45 years of innovation in Safety Shower design. Significant investment in research, development and innovation, plus global experience in extreme conditions and environments ensures your Hughes Safety Shower has been created to meet the challenges of your industry and your employees’ risks.

Involved in Developing Industry Safety Regulations

Organisations are legally required to ensure that workplace environments and the safety equipment at hand meets recognised and mandated safety standards. That’s why you want to source emergency showers and safety equipment from a company at the helm of safety innovation and who is a driving force in European and American Standards. Hughes has played a leading role in developing the new European Standard EN 15154 (1+2), with input into the new American National Standard ANSI Z 358.1-2014. You can trust that your Safety Shower will meet much more than the bare minimum of safety standards; your equipment is designed in every way to lead the market, pioneering new regulations that ensure your employees will be safe, standards will be met and your organisation’s corporate responsibilities and integrity reinforced.

Manufactured & Delivered Worldwide

The worldwide production of Hughes Safety Showers ensures that we are using the best materials and production while also reducing your costs and waiting times. Our subsidiary distribution centres and commercial support operations around the world give you access to all your pre- and post-service needs, wherever your business operates.

We ensure that our emergency and safety equipment meets US and global safety standards in compliance with ANSI, as well as following the relevant EC directives in Europe. As bespoke safety equipment designers we are always able to alter your equipment to meet new or extended regulations where necessary.

Leaders in Bespoke Design & Personalised Solutions

As Oil and Gas Exploration extends to ever more harsh environments and greater importance is placed on workplace safety in new developing heavy industries and territories, standard safety shower and decontamination products won’t always meet requirements. Hughes’ innovative approach to bespoke engineering solutions provides a proven track record of designing and producing unique specialist equipment for specialist environments and sectors. Hughes guarantee to provide custom designed safety solutions, without compromising quality.


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