Safety Showers and Decontamination Equipment

Hughes Safety Showers is a world-leading manufacturer of Emergency Safety Showers, Eyebaths and Decontamination Equipment and is now proud to be a major global force in Emergency Safety Showers with our head office and main manufacturing centre in the UK and additional manufacturing, sales and marketing centres in North America, Central Europe and the Middle East.

The Company has supplied industry worldwide for 45 years and built a reputation for excellent engineering design, stringent quality standards and unrivalled customer service and support. Research is at the heart of the Company’s product development programme ensuring that customers always have access to the most effective methods of decontamination. Close cooperation with end users provides essential feedback on product design to optimise performance with a wide range of hazardous substances and environmental conditions.

Safety Standards

Innovation has placed Hughes at the forefront of technical developments, anticipating future needs. Where applicable, our units comply with relevant EC directives in line with current legislation and are CE marked. Quality, reliability and performance are particularly important when considering equipment that could save lives.

We are one of only a few companies to manufacture heated and insulated Emergency Shower/Eye wash units to ISO 9001:2008. Compliance with internationally recognised American National Standard ANSI Z 358.1 2009 provides the reassurance that products exceed the basic requirements. The Company has played a leading role in developing the new European Standard, EN 15154 (1+2).


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