Decontamination Products

In addition to the manufacture of Emergency Safety Showers and Eye wash equipment for industrial use, Hughes has developed a dedicated range of Decontamination products for the emergency services and military. They are primarily intended for use in the event of a major accident, disaster or attack involving chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) agents, but also have applications in the health service. Products range from Showers and Emergency Shelters to portable Decon Equipment and Infection Control systems. All have been based on over 30 years experience gained by Hughes whilst dealing with the emergency services and developed in close collaboration with emergency service providers.

Hughes products are used to decontaminate people, their protective clothing, personal equipment and the affected environment.


The Company’s Decontamination Showers range from small portable units for treating individuals to larger transportable framed Shelters designed for rapid deployment and mass decontamination of the public.  A comprehensive range of ancillary equipment such as heaters, generators and lighting means equipment can be operated anywhere, any time.

As an extension of the decontamination range, Hughes also offers an Infection Control system where atomised chemicals are delivered from backpack units and trolley mounted equipment. An enclosed Infection Control Trailer has also been added to the range where equipment such as hospital trolleys and beds can be wheeled in for treatment. The equipment is complimented by a range of disinfectant and self-sanitising chemicals to destroy microbes and provide lasting protection.