Safety Equipment for the Manufacturing Industry

From raw materials and warehousing to production and process environments, there are potential hazards for personnel. Despite good practice, training and the best safety measures, accidents still happen. That’s why Emergency Safety Showers have a vital role to play in protecting staff. They provide vital first aid to reduce the effect of a chemical spillage, helping to avoid serious injury. They must be easily accessible and ready for instant use.

The complexity and diversity of modern industry has created a wide range of diverse hazards and working environments. In response, Hughes has developed an exceptionally wide range of products for personnel decontamination. With such a choice of solutions, it is easy to select a Safety Shower or Eye wash to give the most effective and efficient treatment for any situation.


The range covers Showers and Eye wash units designed for use indoors and outdoors. It includes floor and wall mounted models and free-standing Tank Showers that deliver tepid water in accordance with the recommendations in the internationally accepted ANSI Z 358.1 2014 standard.

Reliability is a key requirement for safety equipment. Invariably that comes down to the quality of the raw materials, design and manufacture. Hughes has built its reputation on quality, even to the point of designing its own components when off the shelf solutions are unavailable. With no control valve available to meet the exacting standards for the Company’s  latest showers,  the in-house team designed a superior valve which is even more robust and reliable than previous models.