Safety Equipment for the Mining Industry

By its very nature mining is a dangerous working environment. Safety is a high priority in both surface and sub-surface extraction and Hughes offers a range of equipment to suit the different working conditions.

The Company’s Tank Showers have proved to be a popular choice where a mains water supply is unreliable or unavailable. The larger models, 1200 litres and above, store sufficient water to provide 15 minutes showering as recommended in the internationally accepted ANSI Z 358.1 2014 standard. Models fitted with heaters and chillers have been developed for use in extreme environments, from deserts to sub-zero temperatures.


The ANSI standard also recommends that a casualty should not have to walk for more than 10 seconds to reach a safety shower. On large sites and in remote locations this can be a problem so Hughes has developed a variety of solutions. Mobile Bowser Showers with a capacity of 1200 or 2000 litres can be filled with portable water by hose then towed to the desired location. The electrical pump and thermostat controlled heater for maintaining a safe water temperature on location can be powered from the mains or a portable generator. Also pressurised eye and facewash water canisters with hose connected hand showers can be stationed at strategic points to provide immediate first aid in the event of an accident. A small mobile safety shower unit with its own storage tank is also available. This can incorporate an eye/facewash which has a lid that covers the bowl until it is in use, protecting from contamination.