Safety Equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry

The quality and reliability of safety equipment is especially important when operating in the sort of conditions often associated with oil exploration and production. At sea or on land and in extreme climates around the world, operators often face a hostile environment that puts additional demands on equipment.

Working in close collaboration with leading oil companies, Hughes has developed a range of Safety Showers and Eye wash units to meet the challenge. They have been designed to deliver safe and effective treatment whether they are operating in the desert or sub-zero temperatures.

Hughes Tank Showers have been particularly popular in the oil and gas industry. The larger models can deliver tepid water for 15 minutes in accordance with the requirements of the ANSI Z 358.1 2014 standard, even if the mains supply is cut.


For countries with high ambient temperatures, additional insulation and sun shields help to reduce the effect of solar heating. Alternatively, compact chillers are fitted to maintain the stored water at a safe temperature.

In sub-zero conditions, such as the Alaskan oil field, the Hughes Polar heated Tank Showers provide the ideal solution. They incorporate a double skinned, insulated cabinet with doors to protect casualties from the elements during showering and while they wait for professional help.

In addition to the specialist Tank Showers, there is a wide range of equipment suitable for less extreme conditions.  They also comply with the ANSI standard to ensure optimum performance and reliability.