Safety Equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Hughes Emergency Showers are designed for fast and effective decontamination of personnel and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This may be as a result of an accidental chemical spillage or part of a routine decontamination for those working in hazardous environments.

A range of PPE Showers has been developed by Hughes for use in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Plant personnel who routinely handle potentially harmful substances require a quick and efficient method of washing contaminants from their protective clothing and equipment.

Walk through showers are easy to use and can be supplied to provide two-stage decontamination. chemicals or detergent are first added to the water to break down the contaminant. This is then followed by a water wash down to remove contaminants from the protective clothing.  The walk-through configuration can be built into corridors or walkways to minimise space required and ensure a smooth and efficient process. Multi-nozzle units are available to ensure total body coverage in the shortest time.



Hughes Damping Showers were developed in direct response to a pharmaceutical company concerned about the contamination risks from airborne particles when removing protective clothing. By damping the protective clothing powders bind to the surface and are prevented from becoming airborne. This range is now widely used in laboratories and process plants.  

In addition to the specialist PPE equipment, Hughes full range of conventional Safety Showers and Eye wash units are used throughout the Pharmaceutical industry to provide vital first aid in the event of an accident.

With an extensive range of design options and accessories, Hughes products offer exceptional flexibility which means they can be adapted to suit each customer’s specific site requirements.