Safety Equipment for Water Treatment Industry

Hughes Emergency Showers provide vital first aid in the event of a chemical spillage. The range includes models designed for use indoors and outside, from  the arctic to the desert. Many utilities choose Hughes showers because of their outstanding performance together with reliable operation and low maintenance – especially important in remote locations.

Within the Water industry, the Hughes 1200 litre Tank Shower has proved to be particularly popular.  Its compact design, robust construction and ease of use meets the requirements for accessibility and trouble-free operation. They are designed to occupy the minimum floor space and provide showering in accordance with the recommendations in the internationally accepted ANSI Z 358.1 2014 standard.


On several sites where a Tank Shower performance is desirable but space is severely restricted, Hughes has come up with a simple alternative. The water storage tank is separated from the shower and positioned remotely at high level where more space is available.  The ability to customise solutions has gained Hughes a loyal following. Meeting the needs of individual customers without compromising on quality or performance has established the Company as an industry leader. This innovative approach has not only solved specific problems but driven the design and development of a particularly wide range of products to meet the different needs of industry. In fact, Hughes offers the widest range of any manufacturer to ensure that there’s always an effective solution available.