Safety Equipment On Site Survey


1. Allocate a location reference on report, to enable easy identification.

2. Check unit is clearly visible in case of emergency.

3. Ensure immediate area is free from sharp projections and is unobstructed

4. Activate shower/eyebath to flush the line and verify proper operations are per ANSI. Shower & Eyebath units are flushed approximately five minutes. Time will vary dependent on how many units are fed off the water line concerned. This procedure brings fresh chlorinated water to the lines & units.

5. Any worn parts required to be listed on report.

6. Check operating linkages for damage and list any recommendations for replacement/repair on report.


a) Check water temperature to verify correct thermostat operation/setting.



b) If no heating, state on report for further investigation of power supply or failed heaters.

c) Note on report of any indication lights out.

7. After survey, the customer is sent a quote and report indicating the condition of each shower of each shower, recommendations for bringing units up to standard and list of replacement parts required the price for initial service/update visit, and the price for regular servicing thereafter.

Any recommendations for improvements which could be made e.g, problems such as damaged/missing feed insulation or blocked access, etc, will be included on the report.

Don't wait for an accident - it could be too late.

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