Emergency Safety Equipment: Free Site Survey


Are you responsible for the safety of your employees? If so, it's up to you to ensure that the emergency safety showers and eye/face wash units on your site are accessible and fully functioning.

Arrange a FREE site survey to assess the condition and suitability of your equipment and the cost of bringing your facilities up to date if necessary.

Can you answer YES to these questions with confidence?
- Do you know where your emergency safety showers are situated?
- Can you guarantee that they are in working order?
- Do you know when they were last inspected?
- Do you have Inspection Records for the last 5 years? Or, are you able to show that you have a regular maintenance system in place?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, take advantage of the Hughes site survey.

Don't wait for an accident to happen, contact us today.


The site survey ensures:

* The safety equipment is clearly visible and free from obstruction

* The safety equipment functions correctly using a series of activation tests and ANSI recommended considerations

* The electrical components of the equipment, such as the thermostats, are operating correctly

The Hughes service engineer will provide a full report indicating the condition of each shower and any replacement parts required, recommendations and costs for improvements along with advice regarding regular servicing in the future.