Hughes Safety Shower Hire Service

Customers have asked us if our showers can be hired for short-term contract periods to meet demands for UK projects for a few days, a few weeks or a few months.

We’ve listened and now three of our most popular portable solutions are now available for direct hire from Hughes.

Select the unit best suited to your need and call the the Hughes Hire team on +44 (0) 161 430 6618 or alternatively email with requirements.

FOR HIRE: Mobile Self-Contained Emergency Safety Shower 

Mobile Self-Contained Emergency Safety Shower

Model: STD-J-40K

The Mobile Self-Contained Emergency Safety Shower has a capacity of approximately 114 litres and gives a constant flow of water for about 1½ minutes. The specially designed plastic lined cylinder is constantly charged with pressure and only requires the connection of a hose from a water main to fill it ready for use. Pre-insulated and jacketed (no heating). The STD-J-40K also incorporates an Optiflex, a hand held Eye, Face and Body Shower.

Our hire units are fitted with a STD 45G. The 45G Eye/Facewash is made from 'unbreakable' acrylic capped ABS plastic and incorporates an integral lid to ensure the bowl remains clean and free from contamination at all times.

Its compact design enables it to be easily stored when not being used. By incorporating a stainless steel frame and large diameter pneumatic tyres, this cylinder can easily be moved and manouvered by one man.

Should it be necessary to move the unit long distances or over uneven surfaces, an ‘A’ frame with towing hitch (optional) can be fitted which enables it to be towed by any vehicle fitted with a standard tow ball. The wheel spacing can also be altered which allows the unit to go through standard door openings; this is particularly important when requiring its use indoors in a laboratory or acid store etc.



FOR HIRE: Free Standing Tank Shower and Frame 

Free Standing Tank Shower and Frame


The Hughes range of heavy-duty Emergency Tank Showers for use when tepid water is required, or a constant supply of water cannot be guaranteed. These units are essential where there is a problem with insufficient water pressure or inadequate flow rate. We have now developed a hire unit based on our popular 350 Litre Tank models. The unit is immersion heated and pre insulated and sits within a galvanized frame and is equipped with the full specification valves and shower rose as featured in our larger premium tank shower products. 

FOR HIRE: 1200L Bowser Self-Contained Safety Shower

1200L bowser self-contained safety shower

Model: STD-MH-P-1200L

The Mobile Self-Contained Emergency Safety Shower has a capacity of approximately 1200 litres and gives a constant flow of water for up to 15 minutes. The 1200 litre green polyethylene tank incorporates an electric submersible pump which requires either a mains or generator-fed electricity supply. An integral immersion heater, controlled by a dual safety thermostat, maintains the water in the tank at a constant temperature. The tank can be filled with potable water by hose and then transported to location behind a suitable motor vehicle using the standard ball-type towing hitch provided. It is designed to enable it to be easily stored when not being used. The tank is mounted on a heavy-duty galvanised mild steel frame and has four braked wheels fitted with standard trailer-type pneumatic tyres.