Indoor Unheated Safety Showers

Hughes Safety Showers offer an extensive range of unheated Emergency Drench Showers including Mobile Showers, Portable Showers and Cubicle Showers. Options include; wall mounted, ceiling mounted and free-standing models. The range also includes Safety Showers combined with Eye/facewash and Eye bath units as well as equipment to suit all emergency`s where chemical spillage and splashing is a risk to face, eyes and body. All Safety Showers should be located close to hazardous work environments where chemical spillage and splashing is a risk to employees. Hughes Safety Showers are ideal for use in factories, schools and laboratories where an unheated water supply is sufficient. Where no plumbed in water services are available, the Hughes unheated Safety Shower range is extended to portable Emergency Showers/ Mobile Emergency Showers that can be moved and temporarily located at the scene of any possible incident. This section of the website features a range of unheated Emergency Safety Showers and Eyebath/Facewash models, designed for use throughout industry, in all applications not subject to the possibility of freezing or overheating, depending on local ambient conditions.


STD 'K' Shower Range

EXP 'G' Shower Range

Lab & Light Duty

Cubicle Showers

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