Protecting Emergency Safety Showers and Eye/Face Wash Equipment Through the Winter

Prolonged periods of sub zero conditions pose specific problems to Emergency Safety Showers and Eyebaths located outdoors. Frozen water within the pipes will not only render them inoperable, but will also damage the valves and pipework. Furthermore, when the temperature rises the ice will thaw which can cause flooding in the workplace resulting in additional damage to the surrounding area and equipment.

Certain Safety Showers and Eyebaths are designed specifically for outdoor use where sub-zero temperatures are expected. These showers are fitted with trace heating or fitted with immersion heaters. It is important to maintain power to these units to prevent the water inside freezing.

During periods of sub-zero conditions it is essential to follow these stringent safety checks:

  • Ensure a constant power supply is maintained.
  • Test weekly, and in severe conditions check daily. (NB. Contain the water to prevent a slipping hazard on the ice that will form).
  • Ensure the immediate area is unobstructed and clear from snow and ice.
  • Check all units are clearly visible and well illuminated, especially during hours of darkness.

If you require existing Safety Showers and Eye/Facewash Equipment to be replaced or you have expanded your operations and require additional equipment Hughes Safety Showers have specific products designed for use in these severe winter conditions:

  • Premium Range Heated and Insulated Models are suitable for all temperatures and are fitted with heated and insulated standpipes to enable them to easily cope with sub-zero temperatures.
  • Tank Showers which are heated and insulated provide up to 15 minutes of tepid water by gravity from an overhead tank.
  • Temperature Controlled Showers and Winterised Booths can be provided for more extreme arctic conditions. Temperature Controlled (TC) Emergency Safety Showers are available and feature pressurised mains fed 300 litre water tanks and immersion heaters to provide 15 minutes of tepid water regardless of the outside temperature. A Winterised Booth is a temperature controlled Emergency Safety Shower enclosed within a cubicle which provides protection for casualties in exposed freezing conditions.

Remember despite the winter conditions companies must still comply with health and safety legislation.

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