Site Servicing Support for Emergency Safety Equipment

Ready for an emergency? 

Are you responsible for the safety of work colleagues? 
If so, it’s up to you to make sure that safety equipment is accessible and working properly. 
Fail and you could be legally liable. 

Simply ask yourself 
1). Do I know where my Emergency Safety Showers are?
2). Can I guarantee they are in working order? 
3). Do I know when they were last inspected? 
4). Have I got Inspection Records going for the last 5 years. Or, if not, can I show that my Emergency Safety Showers are under a regular system of maintenance? 

Don’t wait for an accident - it could be too late. 
Ask for a Free Site Survey NOW.

Increase the life-span of your equipment, and save money 

It is indisputable that regular maintenance and servicing of Emergency Safety Shower and Eyebath equipment greatly contributes to the length of its safe working life. 

Satisfy the HSE Inspector 
Regular servicing with full service history* will assist in convincing the Health and Safety Executive’s Inspectors that your Emergency Safety Showers and Eyebaths are properly maintained and in safe working order. 

Ensure reliability in an emergency 

This equipment must function perfectly when called upon to do so. 
Lack of regular maintenance could seriously jeopardise the efficiency of this life-saving equipment.


Automatic Regular Servicing 

The Hughes Site Service Plan can be organised at regular intervals of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. Just call the Site Service Department on +44 (0)161 430 8070 or email

Regular servicing ensures that Emergency Showers and Eyebaths continue to operate safely and effectively. Routine inspections also detect potential problems so that remedial action can be taken to avoid a serious failure, which could have catastrophic consequences.

Free site surveys can be arranged so that companies can assess the condition and suitability of their equipment and the cost of bringing facilities up to date.

Some companies prefer to carry out servicing themselves. However, demands on time and resources, often means that the work is not carried out thoroughly, or even carried out at all! This reduces service life as well as seriously affecting the reliability of the unit.

Hughes Service Engineers have a wealth of experience from servicing all makes of Showers and Eyebaths on sites throughout the country, as well as on the continent. They carry a complete range of spare parts so that any necessary work can be completed quickly and efficiently ensuring that this important Safety equipment is fully operational again in the shortest possible time. 

Be Safe - Feel Safer      
We are conducting regular site services for a large number of companies. A copy of our service procedure and current rates will be submitted on request. You too will feel safer in the knowledge that your Emergency Equipment is properly maintained.

PARTS - Availability
Our experienced engineers carry a comprehensive supply of spare parts, enabling them to quickly and efficiently carry out all repairs and servicing. This ensures essential Emergency Safety Equipment is operable at all times.


Comply with COSHH Regulations
COSHH regulations stipulate that safety equipment must be “maintained in an efficient state, in working order and in good repair”. Additionally a full service history* must be kept for a period of at least five years, recording all examinations and tests that have been conducted.

Following each visit you will receive a full report on each unit serviced, all work done, parts fitted, and recommendations etc.